Tenant Screening

Our credit professionals thoroughly vet your prospective tenants and approve the most trustworthy applicants

Lease Guarantee

We guarantee your full rental income for up to 12 months. Rent is always paid on time even if a tenant is late


We handle the eviction process if a tenant is in default. Meanwhile, we pay your rent on time until the tenant has moved out

Worried about your tenant? You're in the right place!

Single-Key removes the headaches of being a landlord


Sign Up

Complete our simple online sign-up form. We will send you a confirmation email with a reference number.


List your property

Show your property to prospective tenants and direct the ones that you like to apply on our platform with your reference number. We will take it from there!


Tenant Screening

We will screen the tenants in less than 24 hours following their application and let you know which ones we approve. You can now select one of the approved applicants.


Tenant Onboarding

We will send the selected tenant a standard lease agreement with your terms. Once you receive the signed lease agreement and the first and last month of rent, you can hand the keys to the new tenant.


Get paid on time

When a tenant is late, we step in and pay your rent on time. If a tenant is not meeting his payments, we pay your rent on his behalf while we manage the whole eviction process at no cost to you.

The support system that you always wanted