Free Approval

Fill in the application form. Our credit professionals will conduct a thorough screening so be accurate.

Free Guarantee

Once approved we will guarantee your rental payments. You can also opt for a 1-month payment flexibility feature.

Lease Agreement

We will send you a standard lease contract. Once you have signed and paid the first and last month, you can move in.

Need an umbrella for a rainy day!

Single-Key makes your life easier


Sign Up

Get a reference number from your prospective landlord and complete our simple online application form.​


Simple Application

We will conduct a thorough screening process. So be accurate, and upload all the documents that can strengthen your file.


Quick Screening

Within 24 hours, we will notify you on the status of your application as well as the landlord.


Standardized Lease Agreement

If the landlord selects you, we will send you a standard lease agreement. Once you have signed it and payed the first and last month of rent, the landlord will hand you the keys to the property.


Worry-free Rental Payment

Pay the rest of your rent through Single-Key. If you need to postpone rent for any reason, Single-Key offers you a payment flexibility option. You will be allowed to delay the payment of one month worth of rent for a small interest rate (1.46% per month on the outstanding balance).

Now you can relax!